NALSAR University of Law

On November 16-17, 2006, the NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad hosted a conference titled "Seminar on Intellectual Property Education and Research." The seminar was a joint project between the NALSAR, the MIPLC and the WIPO Worldwide Academy. The MIPLC delegation was headed by Professor Straus and was comprised of a group of ten doctoral students and scientific employees from the MIPLC and the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law.

Each of the panel discussions was oriented towards India in the global context. The discussions covered the following topics: the impact of IP on development; IP and agriculture; pharmaceutical issues; the relevance of IP to software and the copyright and entertainment industry; IP as subject matter of business transactions; and, the interface between IP and antitrust law.

In the presence of the Honorable J. S. Singhvi, Chief Justice of the State of Andhra Pradesh and Chancellor of NALSAR University, Professor Joseph Straus, Chairman of the MIPLC Managing Board, and Professor Ranbir Singh, Vice-Chancellor of NALSAR University, concluded the conference by signing a Memorandum of Understanding regarding further scientific cooperation.

The seminar was a valuable networking opportunity for all MIPLC participants as the NALSAR University of Law is one of the leading IP education institutions in India. This newly established relationship will soon generate a number of exciting cooperative projects between the participating institutions.