Further Education

Expand your own or your staff's skills and further your business by enrolling in our LL.M. program. Benefit from extensive networking opportunities with classmates from all over the world to form a global network of business partners and friends.

Our LL.M. program "Intellectual Property and Competition Law" is designed for postgraduates with professional experience and is highly suited for professionals wishing to return to the classroom to gain additional specialized knowledge.

Our program is designed to impart knowledge with direct applicability. It also offers a variety of practical courses in which students can test their skills, such as Arbitration Simulation; Oral Advocacy (courtroom simulation); Licensing Game; or Practical Training in Patent or in Trademark Law.

The average age of the MIPLC student body, while varying slightly every year, is around 32 years. Thus there is no need to fear you will be the only "grown-up" among a bunch of college kids. While some of our students will "only" be in their mid-twenties, we have also enrolled professionals in their early fifties. As all students must have at least one year of professional experience (a legal requirement in Germany for postgraduate programs such as ours), classroom discussions automatically enjoy a higher level than in an undergraduate course. Most students have around five years of professional experience when joining us.

A typical MIPLC class contains students from more than 15 countries who interact and cooperate closely and on a daily basis. Thanks to friendships that form quickly, our graduates leave the MIPLC with a personal IP network that spans the globe and penetrates various professional sectors. The MIPLC Alumni Network adds further contacts across several "MIPLC generations."


MIPLC Flyer for Employers 
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LL.M. IP Program Flyer 
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