Network Facts & Figures

Established in 2012, the MIPLC Alumni Network is an unincorporated entity organized and run by the MIPLC. All graduates of the MIPLC LL.M. program are automatically members (unless they specifically opt out) and membership is free. The Network is supported by an Alumni Advisory Board.

The Network is characterized by the internationality of its members, their diverse back-grounds, their profound expertise in IP and competition law, the variety of their career paths, and their close ties among each other.

MIPLC Alumni Are (Almost) Everywhere

As of 2022, MIPLC LL.M. alumni and students originate from 87 countries. These countries are marked in orange on the map, illustrating the worldwide nature of the Network.

MIPLC Alumni Have Diverse Backgrounds

In addition to their LL.M. degree in IP and Competition Law, MIPLC alumni have prior degrees and professional experience in law (65%), science and engineering (28%), business and economics (3%), and various other fields (4%).

MIPLC Alumni Have Outstanding IP Expertise

After a year of intense and rigorous training in IP, competition law, and adjacent fields like innovation and technology transfer, the graduates of the LL.M. program have acquired the knowledge and skills to tackle complex IP issues in a global context and in all jurisdictions.

Detailed information about alumni – employers, positions, fields of specialization, publications – is provided on the Alumni Expertise page.

MIPLC Alumni Are Active in Many Fields

Maintaining a close relationship with its alumni, the MIPLC has an almost complete picture of their postgraduate careers. Not surprisingly, the alumni's career paths are as diverse as the students' backgrounds: They have gone on to work for law firms and patent law firms, for legal or IP departments of corporations, for government and IP institutions, for universities and research institutions, as well as for NGOs and think tanks.

MIPLC Alumni Are a Family

Thanks to the unique study conditions at the MIPLC – in particular the small classes and student office space – the graduates of the LL.M. program are not only well versed in the subject, but additionally they have received intensive intercultural training. Studying and living together for a whole year, they form a family-like body resulting in lifelong friendships and global professional networks.



»For me, what made MIPLC so special was the new family you belong to. You share all your days during one whole year with 28 people, 17 different nationalities… We started being just classmates, but then we became friends and family. All of us had different backgrounds, different cultures, different approaches, but all this diversity enriched the program.«  Cristina Hernández-Martí, Spain, Class of 2012/13



»Not only did we gain deep knowledge of the structural basis and most recent developments of various IP and competition law subjects, we also learned from each other by comparing the different legal systems of our respective countries. Moreover, due to the limited number of students participating in the program, we all got to know each other really well on a personal level, and I'm sure that many of us will keep in touch in the years to come.« Dag Braaten Thoresen, Norway, Class of 2011/12



»What I liked best about the MIPLC program is this unique spirit of one big international family. We spent so much time together: listening to lectures, reading endless syllabi, writing our papers and going out – everything together. It's true, we had almost no free weekends but that is precisely what made our rare weekend trips so fantastic and unforgettable.« Veronika Popelenskaya, Russia, Class of 2008/09



»I enjoyed being with my officemates a lot. We came from different countries, but became brothers and sisters during the MIPLC life, as well as after it. We learned about each country's culture, discussed cases and questions, shared candy and drinks, and celebrated holidays and birthdays. We cared for each other, helped each other, and enjoyed a happy time together.« Chen Yangyue, China, Class of 2009/10



»What I loved most about MIPLC were the wonderful people who shared my journey and who have become my lifelong friends.«
Prof. Kelvin W. Willoughby, Australia, Class of 2007/08

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