Over the years, the MIPLC has been supported in its work by a variety of law firms, private companies, IP organizations, and individuals. Their support has enabled numerous students, who are unable to pay the tuition fees out of their own pockets, to attend our LL.M. program, and has enhanced a variety of activities. In many cases, it has resulted in long-term partnerships working in the interests of our students.

Such outside contributions augment our operating capabilities and further improve the services we can deliver to our students, thereby ultimately providing better education. We invite you to explore our various sponsoring opportunities, from one-time earmarked gifts to long-term commitments.

As an MIPLC sponsor, you will benefit from added international exposure as well as access to our network of students and alumni. All sponsors - unless preferring to remain anonymous - will be acknowledged on our website, our social media channels, and in any printed materials, such as invitations and programs, produced in conjunction with the event they have supported.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We look forward to discussing various options with you.

Tuition Scholarships

Sponsor a student and help further knowledge of IP in the developing world.

Every year, numerous highly qualified candidates from industrializing and developing countries apply to the MIPLC. The MIPLC expressly aims to provide such students with equal chances of participation, as furthering the development of IP protection is one of our goals. However, many of these students are unable to raise sufficient funds to cover our tuition fee and costs of living. 

We therefore continually seek individuals or organizations willing to sponsor tuition scholarships for these candidates. Your scholarship could cover the full tuition fee or a partial amount thereof, and/or provide a monthly stipend for a student to cover living expenses. We also welcome one-time donations.

Sponsoring as Pre-Recruitment

As part of your longer-term staffing strategy, you have been looking to recruit an IP attorney or an IP Manager with a specific profile and a high level of IP education, but have been unable to find the right candidate? An alternative to looking for the perfect finished diamond might be to find a promising raw diamond and provide the finishing.

The MIPLC will be glad to identify suitable candidates according to your specifications and to then enroll the candidate of your choice in our program. The procedure could be as follows:

  • You provide information about the position you would like to fill, and the profile you expect of candidates;
  • We advertise your offer on our website, and point it out to any suitable applicants;
  • We pre-screen applications to verify they fulfil the MIPLC admissions criteria as well as your specifications;
  • With the appropriate permission of the candidates, we forward all suitable applications to you;
  • You choose your candidate and pay for his/ her MIPLC tuition fees.

Your offer could include as many or few details about you as you wish, but should ideally include a specific description of the profile sought to help applicants determine whether they are suitable candidates.

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay completely anonymous, you can also approach us with a profile so that we may screen incoming applications for matches. Depending on how specific your requirements are, this procedure may yield fewer results than a targeted search.

Any further agreements would be between you and your chosen candidate.

Links & Downloads

MIPLC Flyer for Employers
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MIPLC Annual Reports

Friends of the MIPLC e.V.

"Friends of the MIPLC e.V." is a registered, non-profit association based in Munich, Germany. Its members have set themselves the task to support the development of the MIPLC. The association grants scholarships to selected students of the MIPLC's LL.M. program and supports scientific conferences and lectures organized in the context of the MIPLC, such as the annual Alumni Conference.

Individuals as well as corporations, (patent) law firms, and public entities are invited to become members of the "Friends of the MIPLC e.V."

What are the benefits of a membership?

  • As a corporation or law firm, patent law firm, etc., you will gain priviledged access to the students and the alumni of the MIPLC. The association will be glad to forward vacancy announcements or internship offers to our database encompassing over 300 top talents in all areas of IP in all major jurisdictions. As the MIPLC alumni are at very different stages of their career, through the "Friends of the MIPLC" you can get in contact with recent graduates as well as with seasoned IP professionals in almost any country in the world. For members of the association, we will be glad to organize company presentations and/ or lectures either at the MIPLC or at the member's offices.
  • By joining the "Friends of the MIPLC," you will become part of a network encompassing the Munich IP community as well as professionals in the IP sector in virtually every nation on the globe.
  • All members of the "Friends of the MIPLC" are invited to the lectures and functions taking place at the MIPLC, like the MIPLC Lecture Series, the Asia Roundtable, the Alumni Conference, the Graduation Ceremony, the Welcome Day for the new generation of students, etc., thus allowing you to mingle with potential future employees or collaborators right from the start of their IP education.
  • With your permission, you will be mentioned as a member and benefactor of the "Friends of the MIPLC" on the association's website. We will also place a link to your website.
  • Your membership fees and donations are tax-deductible. Our treasurer will gladly issue a tax certificate for this purpose.

Contact "Friends of the MIPLC e.V."

Download membership application form