Welcome to the MIPLC Alumni Network

Since the MIPLC's foundation in 2003, more than 500 students have completed the LL.M. program. They constitute the MIPLC Alumni Network, a close-knit, international circle of IP professionals, who can be found in a multitude of positions all over the world.

Organized and run by the MIPLC, the Network encourages the alumni to stay in touch with the MIPLC; to interact with the current students; to share their expertise; to participate in MIPLC and Alumni events; to introduce themselves and their firms or companies; and, last but not least, to contribute to the development of the Network and the MIPLC.

A further goal of the Network is to provide potential students with a source of authentic information about the LL.M. program and life at the MIPLC. Likewise, those in search of IP expertise – be it in the form of a business relationship, an employee, an intern, or a publication – are welcome to make use of the Network.

The Alumni website was created to facilitate all the above activities and, in particular, to serve as a lifelong point of contact for all alumni. We invite you to explore these pages to discover what this unique Network has to offer.