Welcome to the MIPLC Alumni Network

Since the MIPLC's foundation in 2003, 330 students have completed the LL.M. program. They constitute the MIPLC Alumni Network, a close-knit, international circle of IP professionals, who can be found in a multitude of positions all over the world.

Organized and run by the MIPLC, the Network encourages the alumni to stay in touch with the MIPLC; to interact with the current students; to share their expertise; to participate in MIPLC and Alumni events; to introduce themselves and their firms or companies; and, last but not least, to contribute to the development of the Network and the MIPLC.

A further goal of the Network is to provide potential students with a source of authentic information about the LL.M. program and life at the MIPLC. Likewise, those in search of IP expertise – be it in the form of a business relationship, an employee, an intern, or a publication – are welcome to make use of the Network.

The Alumni website was created to facilitate all the above activities and, in particular, to serve as a lifelong point of contact for all alumni. We invite you to explore these pages to discover what this unique Network has to offer.


MIPLC Alumni Scholarship 2017/18 

Meet the candidates



MIPLC 15th Anniversary and 6th Alumni Conference, 
February 23-24, 2018

For more information, please visit the conference page.

Jurgita Randakevičiūtė
Jurgita Randakevičiūtė
Isaac Kunko
Isaac Kunko
Barbara Radoń
Barbara Radoń
Carolina Banda
Carolina Banda

"For us, receiving the Alumni Scholarship made a tremendous difference.
Please contribute to the Scholarship 2017/18 and help to make this experience possible for another MIPLC student."