Second MIPLC Alumnus Joins Faculty

MIPLC welcomes as new faculty member Michael J. Leonard who will be teaching a part of the Trademark Law in Practice class from this academic year on.

Michael graduated from the MIPLC LL.M. program in 2005 and is a partner at Fox Rothschild LLP in Philadelphia, PA, USA. In addition to his long-standing experience in IP practice with a focus in Trademarks, Michael was recognized in the 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions of the World Trademark Review 1000 (a guide to the world's leading trademark practitioners) as having "a cross-cultural attitude" and "exceptional multi-jurisdictional knowledge." The Review has (over the years) further stated that Michael "can easily jump into somebody else's mindset and way of thinking" and is "a committed adviser to an international set of rights holders which value his sophisticated global outlook" (2013). We agree wholeheartedly also with the latest Report (2014) which states that he is a "skilled and internationally minded" IP attorney.

MIPLC is proud and happy that Michael is already the second MIPLC alumnus to return as a teacher, after Prof. Isabelle Huys who joined last year. Michael takes over from P. Jay Hines who has taught this class for ten years in a row, starting in 2004/05 when Michael was a student on the LL.M. program. MIPLC thanks Jay Hines for his continued and dedicated service on the faculty which was not limited to teaching in class but also extended to supervising Master's theses.