Jobs at MIPLC!

Digital Transformation Manager and Administrative Manager

Are you ready to embark on a dynamic journey within the realm of international higher education? Do you possess an unwavering passion for spearheading digital transformation initiatives, or do you have a proven track record in financial strategies and IT systems? Look no further!

Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (MPI) is on the lookout for a Digital Transformation Manager and an Administrative Manager to enrich our esteemed MIPLC Team. We are seeking exceptional individuals who thrive in an international higher educational landscape, characterized by a vibrant and diverse body of students and faculty.

If you're driven by enthusiasm, possess a keen eye for detail, and are eager to make meaningful contributions, then seize this opportunity to join our dedicated MIPLC team! Explore the full job announcements for MIPLC below or on the Employment Opportunities page of the MPI.

Digital Transformation Manager

Administrative Manager