MIPLC 15th Anniversary and 6th Annual Alumni Conference

On Friday, February 23, 2018, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of MIPLC. This festive event included addresses from representatives of the four MIPLC institutions as well as an anniversary speech by Professor Manuel Desantes (University of Alicante), a former Vice-President of the European Patent Office and one of the founding fathers of the European Intellectual Property Institutes Network (EIPIN). 

Saturday, February 24, was the day of the 6th Annual Alumni Conference, bringing together MIPLC alumni and faculty from across the globe. Together, they explored "The World of IP: Caught Between Globalism and Nationalism." The conference, jointly organized by the MIPLC and "Friends of the MIPLC e.V.", closed with a dinner party.

For a vivid impression of these events, please visit the picture galleries.

Sponsors and Supporters

We are grateful to the following persons and institutions for generously supporting this event: 


  Intel Corporation