The MIPLC wants all students to be able to make the most of their time with us. We therefore take pride in providing extraordinary study conditions and excellent facilities.

Student Offices

All students are provided with individual desks in spacious shared offices, high-speed internet connections, and desktop access to a number of legal databases. Maximum occupancy is four students per office. Students are generally expected to bring their own laptop computers; however, a limited number of desktop computers are available for students from developing countries unable to purchase their own laptop.

The MIPLC occupies a private floor in an office building in downtown Munich. This floor holds the student offices, the administrative offices, and the MIPLC's own classroom.

Private Classroom

All instruction takes place in the MIPLC's private classroom, which is located just down the hall from the student offices. The classroom is equipped with a projector, extra screens for students sitting in the back, and air-conditioning.

Class size is small, especially in specialized courses, giving students ample opportunity to ask questions and discuss matters in detail with professors and fellow students.


The library facilities available to MIPLC students deserve special mention.

The Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, located across the street from the MIPLC, has a comprehensive and ever-growing IP library of around 210,000 volumes which is the largest of its kind in the world and to which MIPLC students have full access. As a specialized collection on national and international Intellectual Property Law, the Institute's library is unique, providing outstanding resources for our students.

In addition, the MIPLC has its own library, which is stocked with a large selection of books on all areas and topics taught during the one-year program. The MIPLC library is accessible exclusively to MIPLC students.

Personal Tutorials

For the duration of the academic year, each student is assigned a personal tutor who will provide additional assistance in regular sessions. The tutorials are an excellent opportunity to discuss course content, clarify open issues, and prepare for exams. Each tutor usually mentors two or three students, so tutorials can be held individually or in small groups.

Most of our tutors are MIPLC graduates. They now are Ph.D. candidates or researchers at the Max Planck Institute, or qualified young attorneys. Many of them have been supporting our students for several years.